West Africa tropical products and plants sourcing & export assistanceFrench

West Africa tropical products and plants sourcing & export assistance

Griffonia Simplicifolia

We are in Cote d'Ivoire for over 35 years with a large experience in tropical products and plantations managing.
We are in position to help importers worldwide to seek most of tropical goods and plants from West Africa

You will find below some examples of products we can export directly from countryside producers, under our control, with a total guarantee of quality and reliable deliveries.

- Ivory Coast cocoa beans
- West Africa cocoa nibs
- Ivory Coast cocoa powder

- Ivory Coast cocoa butter
- Ivory Coast Robusta green coffee beans
- West Africa Sahel area Arabic Gum
- West Africa cotton fibers batches
- Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast cotton seeds
- Burkina Faso and West Africa sesame
West Africa wholesale of fresh and dried ginger
- West Africa shea tree nuts
- West Africa organic dried hot pepper
Ivory Coast Kapok-tree plywood
- West Africa teak logs and boards
- West Africa tropical plants

We are also professional and official adviser to purchase and sale of West Africa alluvial gold powder see

As the offers in these Web pages are indicative we welcome professional importers to consult us for their precise requests of West Africa tropical goods and plants.

The indicative prices have to be confirmed.

Special offer

European planter in Ivory Coast for 50 years owns over 500 hectares in San Pedro area, South West of the country. He produces for years without any chemicals, pesticides or phytosanitary products. Main products are
- coconut oil
- raw palm tree oil
- natural latex
- cocoa beans (about 150 MT per year)
He seeks foverseas companies who could have an interest for commercial/partnership agreements to purchase all the productions which could be increase a lot with a possibility to get an organic certification.

Commissions & services fees
- No commissions for buyers -

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Ivory Coast organic coconutts
West Africa shea butter
West Africa food products
Burkina Faso fresh mangoes and other agro products