West Africa tropical products and plants sourcing & export assistance

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West Africa tropical products and plants export and sourcing

 West Africa tropical and medicinal plants export offer

Griffonia Simplicifolia

Plants are croped by a reliable network of experienced handreapers in the countryside and the bushland, working under direct control of exporter..
We guarantee the quality of all our products.
We export FOB or CIF towards any country


Crop season


Oct - Dec / April - June

Dec - March

Dec -June


Oct - Jan

Oct  - Jan

Dec - March

All year

Medicinal plants

Dec - March

All year

Dec - March

Jan - April

All year

All year

June - August

pesticides free kola nuts

annato seeds

Arabic gum

grains of paradise
Afframomum Melegueta

dry ginger


Hibiscus Sabdarifa


Medicinal plants

Griffonia Simplicifolia 

Pervenche de Madagascar 

Voacanga Thoarcy 

Calabar fevers 

Rauwolfia Vomitoria 

Funtumia Elastica

Chrysantellium Americanum

Kigelia Africana

Other plants examples

Amaranthus Spinosis
Garcinia Cola
Alchonea cordifolia,
Combretum Micranthum,
Irvingia Gabonnensis,
Palisota Hirsuta,
Kigelia Africana,
Desmodium Adscendens,
Physostigma Venenosum, (Calabar beans)
Euphorbia Hirta,
Khaya Senegalinsis,
Théphrosia Vogelii,
Thaumatococcus Danielii,
Xylopia Aethipica, etc...

Consult us with a precise request for the above products or any other

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